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Our Specialists

  • Dr Juri Khanikar - MBBS, MD (O&G), CIMP

  • Dr Utpal Tahbildar - MBBS, DA, CNCC, PGDMCH

  • Dr Pranamita Kakati - MBBS, MMed.Sci in ART

Matrikas IVF Centre

"....Making Parents; Your partner in the journey towards parenthood."

Matrikas IVF Centre was set up to help couples who have trouble conceiving children. The aim is to help every couple who hopes to have children achieve that dream. Keeping this in mind, we have an excellent staff with experience and education in infertility. The staff at Matrikas is dedicated to coming up with innovative and progressive solutions for infertility. The treatment plans devised by our doctors are very effective and tailored according to each patient’s needs. Not only this, but these treatments are also very cost-efficient. Our clinic is considered one of the most effective at fertility treatments and has had numerous parents who have returned with successful pregnancies from the entire North East of India. We are now considered one of the best IVF centres in Guwahati.

Our Centre has an excellent staff, who takes care of the patients and answers every question they may have. Our team includes skilled professionals concerning every step involved in infertility treatments, including the endocrinologist, embryologists, and even the nurses responsible for patient care.

Our laboratory equipment is world-class and ideal for preserving gametes, embryos, etc. The laboratory staff take special care of each item, ensuring nothing happens to it. We offer counsel to various patients and couples and help them figure out the cause of their infertility and devise a plan accordingly.

Parenthood is a beautiful experience, and we are very proud to have helped many single parents and couples gain that experience. Every life that we created has given us immense joy, and now we hope to keep on with our mission.

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