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Matrikas IVF Centre

"........Making Parents; Your partner in the journey towards parenthood."

Matrikas IVF Centre

".......Making Parents; Your partner in the journey towards parenthood."

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Matrikas IVF Centre was set up under the leadership of the renowned lady Gynaecologist Dr Juri Khanikar in 2019 to help the couples who have trouble conceiving children. Our main motto is ". . . . Making Parents"


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Meet Our Specialists

We have a highly trained and dedicated team of specialist doctors as well as support staff convergent with the latest development in the field of infertility treatment. These include Gynaecologist, Andrologist, Embryologist, Anaesthesiologist etc.


Specialisations: Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Infertility Specialist, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Credentialed Menopause Practitioner

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Specialisations: Anaesthesia and Critical Care Specialist


Specialisations: Embryology & Andrology


Our clinic is considered one of the most effective at fertility treatments and has had numerous parents who have returned with successful pregnancies from the entire North East of India. We are now considered one of the best IVF centres in Guwahati.

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Book an appointment with Dr Juri Khanikar, Dr Utpal Tahbildar and Dr Pranamita Kakati at Matrikas IVF Centre.

"........Making Parents; Your partner in the journey towards parenthood."


Videos by Verified Patients

Verified Patient

Dr Juri Khanikar is an amazing doctor. She is the doctor I feel the most comfortable telling my problems. She explains everything and finds immediate solutions.

Why Choose Matrikas?


The centre has a state-of-art reproductive technology that is up to date with the latest fertility treatment methods and provides comfort to the patient. We aim to help patients with the latest assistive procedures and find any possible cure for male and female infertility problems.


The centre is very transparent with their patients and lets them know about the various options available and their simpler choice. Each patient is given individual care and attention to all the patients on their journey to parenthood. The staff are there to ensure you get the best possible care and will answer all your queries. They hope to give you a comfortable experience.

Sterilised Laboratory

The laboratory has been built according to the standards and is continuously monitored without any compromise on quality. We have a cleanroom facility for assisted reproductive techniques, male infertility evaluation and treatment options, Cleanroom IVF Laboratory.

"........Making Parents; Your partner in the journey towards parenthood."

Matrikas IVF Centre

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